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Spray Foam Insulation

Ever since Titan Applicators made its debut as a Denver spray foam insulation contractor in 2015, it’s secured a raving-fan following amidst homeowners, building owners and general contractors alike. Don’t get us wrong, we’re humans. We make mistakes! But, one thing is certain: our certified spray foam applicators are passionate about insulation.

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Why Choose Titan Applicators for spray foam?


We train our applicators using our proprietary Professional Certification Program.


Contractors Katerra Construction, J.R. Filanc & W.E. O’Neil trust Titan for their foam needs.


We respond to our clients within 4 hours rather than 24 hours.


Our advanced project knowledge creates efficiencies and real-time project solutions.

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What is Spray foam insulation?

For nearly three decades, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) has built a solid track record of performance in residential, commercial and industrial applications. True to its name, it’s a sprayed-on insulation. The insulation contractor fabricates the foam, on site, by mixing two unique liquid components according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Using a specially-designed sprayer, the SPF installer sprays or injects the components. The two liquids react with one another and, voila, they form into a hardened cellular plastic material containing a low thermal conductivity gas.

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The Best insulation for Buildings in Colorado

Closed-cell spray foam is the primary foam insulation of choice for both commercial and residential applications in Colorado. Applications can include spraying into wall cavities, onto CMU walls, into vaulted ceilings or sealing basement and crawl space rim joists.

Though fiberglass and other insulations work to resist heat flow (also known as R-value), there are other metrics that need to be taken into consideration, especially in Colorado. Heck, even wood has an R-value! Tests have proven that spray foam insulation not only provides R-value but also eliminates things such as air-infiltration, thermal bridging and much more.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  • Lower energy bills by improving energy efficiency (air seals and insulates)
  • Resists heat transfer better than most other insulation materials (commonly accepted R-value is 7.0 at 1 inch of thickness)
  • Prevent air leakage and reduces load on heating and cooling systems
  • Increases the structural integrity of your home or building (also known as “racking strength”)
  • Inhibits mold/mildew growth and impedes the entry of insects
  • Spray foam will not shrink or settle due to its rigidity and adhesive properties)
  • Increases your comfort by reducing unwanted drafts
  • Absorbs sound and reduces noise transmission

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How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost?

At face value, spray foam insulation can be significantly more expensive than fiberglass insulation. The average square foot cost of fiberglass is between $0.64-$1.19 compared to closed-cell foam which typically costs around $1.00 per board foot. – What the heck is a board foot? We’re glad you asked! A board foot is one square foot at 1 inch of depth. Thus, at the industry average cost of $1.00 per board foot, a 3 inch application of closed-cell SPF would be $3.00 per square foot.

Expect prices to fluctuate among various Denver, CO insulation companies. Each spray foam insulation contractor has different operating expenses, overhead, experience and training. But, American investor and business tycoon Warren Buffet said it best: “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Spray foam insulation gives you the best energy efficiency. The costs vs. value over fiberglass insulation outweighs the costs through yearly energy savings.

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Frequently Asked Spray Foam Insulation Questions

What’s the difference between Closed-Cell and Open-Cell foam insulation?
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Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation (ccSPF) works in all climate zones and is the preferred choice for use in Colorado because of its air sealing, vapor retarder and insulating characteristics.

Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation (ocSPF) does have its place in Colorado but it is significantly less dense and is not as rigid as ccSPF. Open-cell foam is susceptible to moisture to moisture absorption and is vapor permeable. As a result, ocSPF may require an additional vapor retarder and is not advised in unvented Colorado attics, below grade applications or flood-prone sites because the product will absorb water.

Does Spray Foam Insulation contain any harmful substances?
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No. Spray foam is made of resins similar to popular polyurethane varnishes for wood. Spray foam does not contain formaldehyde.

At what point of construction is Spray Foam Insulation sprayed into place?
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Spray foam is applied before the sheet rock is put in place but after plumbers and electricians have completed rough-in work. The spray-in-place product creates a bedding around the pipes and closes all penetrations in and through the exterior walls of the structure which completes a nearly monolithic insulating blanket. Spray foam can be installed quickly even in fairly extreme weather conditions. An average house of 1800 square feet may take a trained crew only 6 to 8 hours to complete.

Is Spray Foam Insulation environmentally friendly?
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Yes! Our spray foam product uses a new generation of environmentally friendly ingredients. Spray foam contains no CFCs. Also, its superior insulating capabilities dramatically reduce heating and cooling demands, reducing harmful emissions from power plants and home heating.

How long does Spray Foam Insulation last?
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Indefinitely. As an inert, long-lasting polymer plastic, a house wall or commercial structure is the perfect place for spray foam insulation to do its job for a very long time.

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