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Metal Buildings & Spray Foam Insulation

Metal Buildings & Spray Foam Insulation

Can spray foam insulation be used in metal buildings?

The answer is, absolutely and unequivocally, yes. Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation is an excellent way to not only insulate you metal building but also weatherproof it. Spray foam bonds to the surface of the metal walls and roof deck and conforms to the irregular surface profiles. Plus, it also creates the most effective air-seal by eliminating gaps and cracks in the thermal envelope of your metal shop or barn. Furthermore, when applied at the proper thicknesses, it creates a superior vapor barrier which stops condensation and sweating right in their tracks!

Spray foam can be successfully applied to most metal building surfaces. However, there are general installation practices that must be observe. Thus, be sure to hire a qualified and experienced contractor.

General Considerations Before Installing Spray Foam In Your Metal Building

  1. Building & Energy Codes
  2. Condensation Control
  3. Economic Thickness vs. Practical Thickness
  4. Surface Preparation Conditions
  5. Ventilation Considerations
  6. Thermal-Barriers
  7. Design Considerations

As with any high-dollar project, educate yourself on the spray foam process prior to hiring a spray foam contractor. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration; and hiring a qualified contractor up front can save you money (and head aches ) in the long run!

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