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Fire Protection

Titan Applicators is an industry leader in developing innovative and cost-effective fire protection systems that help stop the spread of fire, smoke, and hot gases. Our Denver based team works with other Colorado construction professionals to create simple solutions to complex firestopping and fireproofing problems.

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Why Choose Titan Applicators for Fireproofing?


We understand the unique needs of specific construction segments and building assemblies.


We have established relationships with building and qualified firestop inspectors.

On schdule

We do everything we can to avoid inspections issues and keep your project on schedule.

Diverse Products

We offer multiple intumescent fireproofing products for a myriad of substrates.

Commercial Firestopping Solutions

Titan Applicators is focused on saving lives – but we don’t wear capes! We help save lives by stopping the passage of fire, smoke, and gases, from one “building compartment” to another, through fire-rated building assemblies. Unprotected openings, gaps, or penetrations in fire-rated assemblies neglect the code-required fire ratings of a fire separations.  Our team of experienced firestop professionals are ready to help you with your firestopping problems to help you ensure code compliance.

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through penetration firestopping example

Through Penetration Firestopping

Fire, smoke and gas can find its way through the tiniest of openings around plumbing pipes, electrical conduit, cable trays and other penetrating items which snake their way through a building. That’s why standards, codes and performance criteria have come a long way. Titan Applicators installs factory-built devices and field-assembled materials that are fully code-compliant and have passed all the testing standards.

new construction framed building

Head of Wall/Bottom of Wall Joint Firestopping

Another popular spot that fires, smokes and gases like to sneak through is where wall assemblies meet floor assemblies. These head of wall and bottom of wall locations create horizontal spaces, areas or gaps (small to the eye) but plenty big enough for the need to address them with tested firestop systems.

cmu wall join firestopping example

CMU Wall Joint Firestopping

CMU walls meeting up with floor assemblies or gypsum wall assemblies create a construction-joint at the top of the CMU assembly, as well as at the intersection of the gypsum and CMU walls. If the assemblies are fire rated, not only will they need to be protected with firestop systems but those systems also need to meet the specific movement requirements; movements that are common at various types of CMU wall joints. Titan Applicators has experience firestopping these occurrences, and many others, all around Denver and Colorado.

steel beams in new site construction

Commercial Fireproofing Solutions

From manufacturing facilities, schools, hospitals and mixed-use commercial buildings, Titan Applicators has been a leading commercial construction intumescent fireproofing contractor in Denver, CO. We offer multiple intumescent fireproofing products for a myriad of substrates: Structural Steel, Spray Foam Insulation, Wood, Drywall and Tin Ceilings. Titan Applicators has partnered with the premier developers and manufacturers of intumescent and protective coatings to bring Colorado commercial contractors fireproofing technologies that are fully UL tested, LEED specified, and cost effective.

engineering support services example

Engineering Support Services

As far as fireproofing is concerned, we have learned a thing or two (hundred). That’s why Titan Applicators is focused on providing Colorado commercial contractors with a level of firestopping and fireproofing services that don’t simply get the architects’ nod of approval but also help you optimize productivity during construction. We do so by partnering with suppliers and manufacturers that provide us with:

  • Engineering judgements in 24 hours or less (because, let’s face it, things don’t always go “as planned”)
  • Building Information Modeling – Project specific reports which remove the complexity of commercial firestop systems and ensures that when it comes time for construction, the systems specific to your project are easily accessible.
  • Streamlined firestop & fireproof submittal packages (with embedded engineering judgement documents)
  • Customized LEED Credit Calculators

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