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Floor coatings

Large contractors such as Katerra Construction, J.R. Filanc Construction Co., & W.E. O’Neil Construction Co., along with hundreds of Colorado home owners and building owners, have trusted Titan Applicators for their floor coating needs.  

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Why Choose Titan Applicators for Floor Coatings?

Residential lifetime floor warranty

Flaws or failures in the product are fixed free of charge.


Large contractors along with hundreds of home and building owners use Titan.

Custom Coatings

Thickness, overlays, toppings, textures and polymer type can all be customized.

Diverse applications

Our coatings work on all concrete areas in and around your home, office or industrial space.

new floor coating at livwell dispensary

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Floor Coatings

Titan Applicators has been providing industrial floor coating systems in both the residential and commercial to the Front Range of Colorado since 2015.

When our professional flooring installers are finished, you will have a concrete floor that is exceptionally durable, equally beautiful, easier to clean, and guaranteed for life. We offer a wide variety of designer color finishes to match your home and office décor. Additionally, our flooring systems can be installed on all concrete areas in and around your home, office or industrial space – basements, workshops, porches and patios.

titan team installing garage floor coating
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Our Residential Lifetime Warranty Guarantee

As it pertains to our Colorado concrete coatings, we stand behind two things: our workmanship and the products we use. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty guarantee to each of our residential floor coating clients.

Obviously, there will be limitations and exclusions. – I’m sorry but we can’t guarantee the coating if you’ve been inspired by Tiger King and start chaining tigers to your floor. – Nonetheless, if your residential garage floor coating fails due to something we did wrong and/or a flaw in the product we used, we will fix it free of charge! A full outline of the Lifetime Warranty will be provided to you.

Benefits of Floor Coatings

  • Protect and preserve the condition of floors
  • Extends the life of your floor
  • Waterproofs surfaces
  • Wide variety of color options
  • Transform the look of you entire room
  • Chemical resistance
  • Non-skid improvement
  • Easier cleanup
  • Restore concrete to original appearance

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How to pick the best floor coating

In our humble opinion, good floor coating companies will generally offer multiple floor coating systems depending on your budget, needs and the look that best suits your taste. There are many different kinds of concrete coatings available, everything from traditional epoxy flooring to more advanced coating systems. Each system is suited for certain functions. What each provides and how they work varies, depending on the type.

The primary purpose of a concrete floor coating is typically preservation. After that, look around your commercial or residential space and determine what you want to achieve. Most of our Denver area clients simply want to improve the aesthetic appearance of their boring concrete slab. Our most popular coating is the granite garage floor look! Other industrial and commercial clients need chemical resistance, ease of cleaning or non-skid improvement.

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closeup view of gray and black flake floor coating in garage

What Types of Concrete Coatings Are available?

Once you’ve determined how you will be using you floor, buckle your seat belts because this is where it gets fun! Various types of coatings can fall into certain classifications based on thickness, overlays and toppings and polymer type. If you choose a polymer, your options are polyurethane, epoxy, vinyl ester, methyl and acrylic. Then you need decide if you want a smooth or textured finish. – Polyurethanes and epoxies are the two most frequently used systems in Colorado.

khaki textured epoxy garage floor coatings

Garage Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings is one of the toughest garage floor coatings you can use. Not only will it protect your floor, but it can transform a boring and drab piece of cement into a functional work of art. And since Colorado residents are using their garages for more than just parking their car, the advantages of garage floor epoxy have made it the number one choice for garage floor finishes.

concrete sealed floor

Protective Sealers

Whether it’s a pool deck, patio, driveway, walkway or commercial space, a good sealer will protect your concrete and extend its service life. Concrete sealers are an inexpensive way to restore your slab to its original beauty while making it easier to clean. Titan Applicators offers several sealer options which are tailored to your use and the environment to which it will be exposed.

black concrete stained floor

Concrete Stains

Titan Applicators’ stain and seal system has been designed to be used as a coloring system for interior and exterior applications. The concrete staining process is a process of grinding your concrete slab (for optimum adhesion, absorption and appeal), applying semi-transparent decorative stain, and sealing it with a clear topcoat. We recommend this system for Colorado Breweries, Showrooms, Patios, Retail Stores, Driveways, Offices and even Garages.

waterproofing decking floor

Waterproof Decking Systems

We offer waterproofing systems that can be applied over plywood decks and concrete decks. These systems use a combination of metal lath, fiber lath, and a series of polymer-modified cements. This diverse product can be used under tile or provide a decorative concrete finish. Give your plywood the look and feel of concrete with a decorative coating appeal or provide your concrete deck with a long-lasting waterproof protection while giving it the facelift it so desperately wants!

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