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6 Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings

6 Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings

Colorado is one of the sunniest places in America, which means your garage door will be open more days out of the year than not. What is the first thing your neighbors see when they look inside? - Hint: it's not the Hooters calendar your wife won't let you hang inside the house. - It's your garage floor, in all its glory! If your garage floor is an expanse of dirty cement with cracks and oil stains, you (and your neighbors) deserve better. Don't you dare think that garage floor coatings are only for aesthetics, our garage floor options present a professional look while they help you protect your investment.

1. Garage Floor Aesthetics

It should go without saying that aesthetics are important. Who wants a garage floor that looks like it has been neglected? Decorative epoxy garage floor coatings complete the look for any homeowners who want to be proud of their garages. Imagine a garage floor that appears to be made of granite. There are so many decorative epoxy flake coating options. You will get the look that is right for you and your home.

2. Floor Coating Clean-ability

Granite garage floor coatings are incredibly easy to clean. During the Colorado winters, you bring snow, ice, road salt and dirt into your garage pretty much every day. With an epoxy floor coating, all you have to do to clean the floor is spray it off with water or mop it off.

3. Concrete Coatings Are Stain-resistant

Leaky cars and container spills can leave oil stains on the garage floor that are particularly ugly and difficult to deal with. With a floor coating, you don't have to worry about spills ruining the beauty of your garage floor. Our floor coating systems are stain-resistant because the coating is not porous. They keep oil, dirt and liquids from being absorbed by the floor, making cleaning and stain removal a snap.

4. Flake Floors and Slip-resistance

The Colorado weather can make your garage floor wet, putting you and your family at risk of slipping and falling. Adding colored flake chips to your floor coating makes your garage slip-resistant (and sexy).

5. Simple installation

Our flooring installers follow an efficient 5-step installation process. Since our garage floor coatings usually cure within 24 hours, your garage is only out of commission for a very short time.

6. Lifetime Warranty

If we haven't already convinced you to get a garage floor coating, we decided to back-up our workmanship and material with a lifetime warranty. If your floor fails as a result of us or the material we used, we'll make it right at no charge to you!

Really, there is no reason not to consider getting a coating for your garage floor. With these benefits, which create a fantastic floor that is simple to maintain, you cannot lose.

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