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Why Use Spray Foam Foam On A Commercial Roof?

Why Use Spray Foam Foam On A Commercial Roof?

Why consider spray foam for your commercial roof?

Spray foam roofing is one of the greatest developments in the insulation and roofing industries. Applying spray foam roofing is an art. It is done in multiple passes, or coats, and after just 90 seconds you can walk on it. Spray polyurethane roof foam is hard. After it is fully cured, it measures around 3 pounds per cubic foot of density.

True to its name, spray foam is spray-applied and leaves commercial roofs with a fully seamless and monolithic membrane, leaving no joints to leak at all.

Furthermore, spray foam roofs add insulation value to a roof assembly, making buildings more energy efficient.

What roofs can spray foam be applied?

All the component parts of a roof structure can affect the performance of a spray polyurethane foam roofing system. Suitable structure design, specification review, contractor and material selection, coupled with the compatibility and positioning of the various components of a roof structure, are a necessity to produce a successful roofing system.

Spray foam can be applied to almost any existing commercial roof assembly as long as it meets the following criteria*:

  1. The substrate to which the foam is applied:
  • is free of moisture;
  • is free of loose gravel, dirt, and debris;
  • is free of contaminants (such as oils and grease), and;
  • is secured to the structural deck.

*There are other building code requirements that must be met.

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