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Garage Floor Coating

Garages, workshops and outbuildings are where you get your work done and there is one thing you use every time you're in there - your floor! 

Titan's line of heavy-duty garage floor coatings promote an overall cleaner and safer environment with their oil and slip resistant properties. A coated floor makes dropped tools, trip hazards and spill easier to see. 

The Process

Moisture Test

It's important to thoroughly test the moisture in your concrete so you can make the proper coating choices to mitigate delamination and coating failure. Prior to providing an official estimate, we will need to measure the dimensions of your concrete and place an impermeable calcium chloride test kit on the surface of your floor. This must be left there 24-72 hours to determine moisture levels.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is often the most important part part of a successful coating or resurfacing application. The surface must be clean, sound & free from oil, dirt, wax and other contaminants. Methods include grinding, shot blasting, and/or scrubbing. The type of surface preparation needed will depend on the condition of the substrate. 

Crack & Joint Repair

There are basically two types of cracks: structural cracks and non-moving surface cracks. Structural cracks are a designed feature of your concrete slab and intended to accommodate moving & shifting. Non-moving surface cracks are the cracks that occur throughout the body of the concrete slab. Both should be repaired prior to concrete coating.

Base Cove

The cove detail is an optional upgrade to our standard floor coating packages. It forms a monolithic, easy to clean & seamless perimeter at the transition of your garage floor and walls. It is accomplished using a coving tool prior to the base coat. 


Primers provide many benefits for floor coatings. For example, some address problems specific to the surface of the concrete itself while others are formulated to mitigate vapor permeation through the concrete. Regardless of its purpose, the use of a primer assures the best possible adhesion and endurance of a garage floor coating. 

Design & Top Coat

There are numerous protective, textured and decorative floor coating systems to give you the performance you need & the look you want. Once the main coat has been applied, a top coat, or sealer, is applied on top. The seal coat helps protect the base coating while giving it a glossy, semi-gloss, satin or matte finished look.