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DIY Coating Failure

DIY floor coating kits can be a cost effective way to coat your concrete floor as long as you have realistic expectations of the way it will perform. It's obvious that the bargain $500 home improvement floor coating kit is much more appealing than hiring the professional quoting you $3,500. Nonetheless, the latter uses higher quality materials and, more importantly, better preparation of the surface. 

 If your DIY floor coating is peeling so soon after application, chances are the concrete slab must not have bonded well with the coating. Even if you followed the instructions to the "T," there are many underlying problems that could be causing your system to fail. A few of the main issues are:

Hydrostatic Pressure

Your concrete may seem dry, but looking and touching isn't enough. Concrete coating failures are not due to how much moisture is in the concrete, rather how much moisture moves through your concrete. All concrete is different, regardless of age, and if the moisture vapor emission rate (MVER) is too high, it could be pushing coating off the concrete. So how do you know how much moisture you're dealing with? The only way to accurately measure the moisture is with a Calcium Chloride (CaCl) Test. It takes 24-72 hours but saves headaches and pocketbooks in the long run. Titan Applicators' technicians perform this work before the commencement of all installations.

Smooth Criminal

Different types of coatings require different types of "roughnesses," or Concrete Surface Profiles (CSPs). Each CSP provides certain levels of depressions in the concrete for the coating to "grab" on to while its drying/curing.  Thus, if most coatings are applied directly to the average concrete slab, they would essentially be too smooth. To effectively achieve these profiles requires a commercial grade shot blaster, grinder or other pieces of equipment. 


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