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Concrete Lifting

Total concrete tear out and replacement can be expensive. So can injury and liability issues when it comes to trip hazards and uneven sections of concrete that have sunk or shifted. Geotechnical polyurethane foams are ideal choices for making repairs to sunken or misaligned concrete slab sections around residences and structures.

Sunken or misaligned sidewalk sections, foundations, patios, concrete steps and driveways can be repaired, in most cases, by injecting polyurethane foam under the concrete to raise and level it to its original position, possibly avoiding costly tear-out and concrete replacement. 

The Process

Pre-job Inspection

  • Prior to application, the use of the concrete section(s), the function of the concrete section(s) & the loads put upon the concrete section(s) will determine which geotechnical foam system is best suited for making the repairs. 

Drill 5/8" Injection Holes

  • Less intrusive than heavier cement slurry injection methods.

  • Small injection holes allow for less visible patching.

Foam Injection

  • Truck mounted proportioner & other equipment process the 2-component liquid chemical system and pump the foam through and injection port.

Controlled Lift

  • The lightweight, two-part polyurethane material reacts under the concrete surface, expands into a rigid foam that fills voids, stabilizes & lifts the concrete slab.

Fast Cure Time

  • The foam cures within minutes and can be put back into use immediately after repair - by vehicle and foot!

Clean Up

  • After the material is injected and the concrete has been restored to its desired position, the holes are patched and the project is done.

  • Most jobs are completed within hours.