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Concrete Coating

Most homes and businesses have several areas of boring, grey, cracked or chipped concrete surfaces. Those drab and lifeless slabs are simply a blank canvass for you to create an environment that is more welcoming, comfortable, durable and easier to clean!


Titan Applicators offers a wide variety of custom flooring coatings which enhance the durability and style of your concrete floors without the cost or headache of major renovations. Instead of totally demolishing your existing floor, we'll clean it, repair it, and coat it with one of our numerous protective, textured and decorative options. 


Problems W/ Your DIY Floor Coating Peeling?

If your weekend-project DIY concrete coating kit is peeling, there a several factors that could be causing it to delaminate. 

Even if you followed the instructions carefully, poor bonding is inevitable unless these measure are taken:

Garage Floors

Daily exposure to heavy vehicles, abrasion and machine fluids can be tough on your garage floor and tough to clean up. Garage floor coatings can help you extend the life of your concrete, make it easier to clean and enhance your curb appeal.


Our waterproof products rebuffs rain, snow & spills and features the highest quality components for complete waterproof protection.

Automotive & Aerospace

All types of vehicles require regular maintenance - & that means plenty of grease, oils, fuels & solvents will be be exposed to your floor. Our slip resistant, non-porous concrete coating solutions give you the lasting durability & pristine aesthetics you're looking for.

Porches & Patios

Porches & patios can become stained & discolored over time with use & when left exposed to the elements. Our floor systems will help you prolong the life of your substrate and revitalize older surfaces, allowing you to maintain the look & feel you desire.

Retail Store

Retail stores & boutiques have unique flooring needs. When it comes to meeting those needs, our line of floor coating finishes deliver highly attractive, durable & low maintenance solutions.